An increased level of humidity in the house causesmold andfungi. Dehumidifiers are special devices for reducing indoor humidity. The main condition when choosing a dryer is to correctly determine the size of the premises. This can be done with the help of measuring tape. Next, you need to apply the formula for multiplying all digits together. The number obtained is the total area of square meters.

How do you know that you need a dehumidifier? The hygrometer will help measuring the level of humidity. Acceptable rates are 35-40%. If the figures are over 60% a dehumidifier is strongly required.

You can choose a matching dehumidifier’s capacity by the formula: your room area *0,7.Moreover, use machines with higher productivityforpremises with high ceilings, whereas mini air dryers are better for low premises. Portable devices cost less and are very convenient to be moved from one room to another with no effort.Industrial dehumidifiers are used in factories, plants and other working zones.

Our website offers recommendations guiding the purchase of a good air dryer:

  • The first thing you need to look through the reviews of the product you are going to purchase. The best option to study the features of the item isto read the customer’s opinion. If the reviews contain multiple negative points, then you should think about buying another product.

  • Compare the costs of different brands and models. The price for dryers fluctuates in the range of40-400 dollars. The best option is to buy a model that matches your personal needs andbudget. If you need a device for a cottage or a big apartment, you should purchase an industrial air dryer. The price of such device is about 1000-6500 dollars.

  • If your premises are too damp, use a model with a direct drain. Having the ability to direct the drain greatly simplifies maintenance –there is no need to constantly monitor the fullness of condensate container. The direct water function allows you to dry premises with a high level of humidity.

  • Energy-saving dehumidifier is a perfect purchase. Such models are equipped with a special automatic system regulating the parameters of the dryer depending on the level of humidity. Energy-saving devicesare much more expensive. However, they will definitely pay off in the long term.

  • Air humidifiers with built-in digital display allow careful control the parameters in the room. The model with a digital screen shows the exact figures while reducing the level of humidity in the room. Most modern dryers have a digital display that allows you to precisely control the indoor climate.

The most important rule is to purchase only reputable brand equipment.